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Are you a Canadian printer (outside Quebec)?
Here's your chance to win a Mention Gutenberg!

The Mention Gutenberg Hors Québec will be awarded to the piece printed in Canada but outside Quebec that receives the highest score in all categories combined.

How do I do it?
  • Enter your piece in one of the 14 categories and add the Mention Hors Québec option.
  • Fill out the registration form
  • Send it to us by email at info@galagutenberg.ca
  • Send 2 copies of your piece with the mention: Gutenberg 2024.

No matter your region, take advantage of this opportunity and celebrate print with us!

Small and large printers alike, from large format displays to the smallest labels, books, magazines and packaging, bring us color and originality! The Gutenberg Contest is not only for Montreal and the surrounding areas, nor only for the big players in the industry. The challenges are real, regardless of geographic location or company size!
Here are the 14 categories of the Gutenberg 2024 Competition:
Remember that the categories (except for the 100% digital category) do not take into account the printing process. You can therefore submit pieces in the same category that have been produced using offset, digital, silkscreen, inkjet, flexo, finishing, etc., or combinations of different processes. Pieces will be judged according to the final result.

Category descriptions


Your project is printed only in digital? Regardless of the type of equipment (toner, inkjet, varnish, etc.) and the quantity printed, this category is for you!

Example: All that can be printed digitally!


Poster, banner, POP (point-of-purchase advertising), display stand, etc.

EDITION (books, magazines)

Souvenir program (on sale), comic book, book, magazine, etc.


Everything that is similar to a label, whether or not it is self-adhesive (except stamps).


Everything that can hold a product.


Any product printed on flexible or extensible film (plastic containers, caps, resealable plastic sleeves, bags, thermoretractable packaging, etc.)


“Which is highly inventive, encourages to perform difficult actions, to take risks to succeed a project considered impossible.”

You have dared to go further, and have achieved a revolutionary print by its raw materials, its manufacturing process, its shape or its use? So, submit your piece in this category.

MARKETING (customer)

Souvenir program (free), brochure, vehicle wrapping, promotional product, avertising, mailings, textile clothing and accessories, etc.

MARKETING (self-promotion)

Corporate brochure, display sleeve, calendar, vehicle wrapping, promotional product, etc.


Do you print on fabric, wood, glass, ceramic, leather or any other unconventional media? This category is for you!

Examples: Curtains, floors, windows, cups, sweaters, etc.


Any project that has used one or more complementary techniques:

Gilding, embossing or debossing, hot or cold stamping, embossing, decorative cutting and punching, lamination, special varnishes, selective varnishes, 3D varnishes, digital foil, etc. 


From box binding to thermobinding, menus, sample books, folding, sewing, gluing, case binding, perfect binding, cloth binding, Swiss binding, etc. Here is your category!


If you’re a Canadian printer (outside Quebec), here’s your chance to win a Mention Gutenberg!

The Mention Gutenberg Hors Québec will be awarded to the piece printed in Canada but outside Quebec that receives the highest score in all categories combined.


If your project includes several of the GutenVERT criteria (see bellow), you have a chance to win a GutenVERT Award.

Evaluation criteria

All pieces will be judged according to the following criteria: 

Characteristics of the project : 75%
General quality : 15%
Audacity : 10%

To all the pieces registered in the GutenVERT category , the following criteria will be added:

There are no more barriers to your participation!

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